closeJust a quick note to say that this post was published 10 years 3 months 25 days ago. It's pretty old!

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I keep meaning to blog and update but it’s difficult to get Internet access at home due to my ebay-crazy mum and my sister who loves to watch really long episodes of things. Sigh.

So, what’s been going on in the world of Jenni? Well, my lovely friend Tom has departed for his year abroad in France and Italy, and even though we’re going to write (I think), and I’m determined to go and visit him, I’m going to miss him a lot. And that got me thinking of my other friends doing a year abroad this year, and also my third year friends and Alana who have now left. And the people attached to THEM, who I will no longer see. Which generally makes me feel sad, although I hope I will still see at least some of these people from time to time, and there’s always email and facebook. I’m beginning to get used to having people go out of my life though. And there are some positives, like my new housemates, and Richard and Tabi will be living a lot closer (although I guess their old housemates also count as people I will no longer be seeing). Argh. Circles much?

More depressing news..I had my first ever filling a couple of days ago. I was such a baby about it, as you might expect considering the fact that a) it’s me we’re talking about here and b) I’m lucky enough never to have any kind of treatment for anything, really. The dentist had a new toy. And I know men and their toys can be very obsessive, one-track minded people from working with the guys in Nottingham. I tried to mentally convince myself that it would be fine, the dentist was just excited about his new toy. Exactly the same thing. Except, you know, his toy wasn’t a plastic gun or a usb gadget, it involved lasers. In my mouth. Apparently it was used to tell how much each tooth is decayed by, and if the reading is over 25 then it needs a filling. My tooth was 33, and then he insisted on testing some of my other teeth, despite my somewhat muffled complaints that he was enjoying this far too much, whilst I was there looking completely stupid and shitting myself that all my teeth would end up needing fillings. Anyway, one or two tested for 0 decay, and the highest was 14. Needless to say I’m lookig after my teeth exceptionally well at the moment, with random bouts of paranoia that all my teeth will go black and fall out. My parents have had tons of problems with their teeth – one of my mum’s fell out eating toast, of all things. My dad’s spent at least £1500 on surgery because he had to have various things done and had an infection which spread, thanks to the other dentist at the practice, who is completely useless and who I refused to see (reasons for this are really long, so won’t go into that now). So yep, I’m fully recovered and very grateful to my mum who was always so strict about me eating sugary things when I was a kid, and making sure I brushed my teeth properly. Even now, I absolutely wouldn’t even consider going to sleep without brushing them. I was with someone and they asked if I was falling asleep, and my first instinct was complete surprise  how could I even think about falling asleep without brushing my teeth?? I’m such a geek lol. I swear I’m borderline OCD.

In more news…my sister gets her GCSE results tomorrow, so I was dashing about buying her a helium balloon, fudge and an iced chocolate slab. I had to scrape a bit of the icing though as the woman had put ‘Congrat’s’. I wouldn’t like my sister to eat anything grammatically incorrect; it might make her ill or something

Next week is my last week at work before I go to the Czech Republic and Poland for a fortnight, then it’s back to uni to register, and classes start a week after that I think. Since I’ve been off since May, it feels about ready to go back then, even though I’m really not prepared. I’ve started buying books, but there’s a long way to go yet.

But before that…well, I have an audition for a TV show that I’m not completely sure whether or not I want to go to yet. I’ve asked a couple of people and my family what they think, and the results are: three yeses, one no, and a maybe. And I’m crap at making decisions so who even knows. I’ve already changed my mind about fifty times already.