closeJust a quick note to say that this post was published 8 years 9 months ago. It's pretty old!

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As usual things didn’t go to plan website-wise. I still need to figure out why displaying code keeps messing up on my pages (and even my admin panel) no matter what plugins I install and code I use. This is made more complicated by the fact that I can only upload files at work, which means waiting till lunchtime. And of course, no weekends. Today I was in a meeting which lasted about seven hours, and what lunch break I had I wasn’t anywhere near my computer. I’m thinking about going in early tomorrow. Staying late is more difficult now we’ve moved offices because the cleaner is around and I feel like I’m in the way.

Next week I’m going home for my sister’s 18th. I can’t believe she’s going to be 18!! When I started blogging she was 10, which makes me feel old I haven’t been home for ages, since early February or earlier maybe? And that was only for the day. I need home cooking!! Also, we’re having Mother’s Day a week later because I’ll be at home then.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me at the moment, but I’m exhausted almost constantly. Right now I could just sleep for about a week. I think I need to start eating better and get more exercise in, especially now the evenings are longer. It’s been great summer weather recently too. On Sunday I actually went out with a t-shirt and sandals on, and that’s practically unheard of for England, never mind in March!!

I’ve reclaimed my facebook status – it just wasn’t worth having everyone from work being able to read it. Not because I was saying anything bad about anyone, but because people instantly assumed anything I said was related to work. And that just got annoying after a while, so I altered my privacy settings. Nothing personal, just that I want to be able to say what I like without thinking about fifty million different ways it can be interpreted.

Well, I was going to say a lot more but I think I’ll just mess around with some DVDs for a bit and then try and work up the energy to do some pilates. Hopefully once I get into it I’ll wake up a bit – half the problem is that I spend way too much time sitting or lying down and not enough time being active