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I haven’t blogged for a while because things have been pretty hectic. A few days ago I saw one of the cats obsessively licking his paw, and I noticed that he had a massive gash down the side of his leg, his fur had been completely pulled of it and it was bleeding We took him to the vets’ and he had anaesthetic and his leg shaved and stitched. Poor kitty. Since my housemate had to leave for a few days me and Joe have been looking after Halo, and now he won’t leave my side, bless him. He’s doing fine but has painkillers and antibiotics (don’t know what they put in them but Halo bites my hand off to get at them, so they’re clearly some form of kitty crack). We’ve been keeping the cats in the house because Halo can’t go out, and so I’ve been getting no sleep with them crashing around everywhere!

Everyone’s very restless, and whereas before the cats were like this:

Chief and Halo

They’re now like this:

Chief and Sin


Tense! Halo’s collar is actually pretty useless and doesn’t stop him scratching the stitches on his leg, which are now looking considerably looser. I’ve bandaged him, Rich and Joe have bandaged him…nothing stays on. Hopefully it will be okay though as they look fairly secure still.

So, what else is new? I finished the 30 day challenge on EA Workout, so now I’m going to start the 60 day challenge on EA More Workouts. That one tracks weightloss as well which is good.

I added more photos to my Flickr account but I’m feeling lonely, so if you have one feel free to add me

The new style Photoshop tutorials are proving pretty popular. It took me forever, but they’ve been SEO’d and XHTML’d up to the eyeballs now. Just a couple left to rewrite, thank God.

Last night Rich came over and cooked dinner whilst I looked after Halo. Finally got a chance to chill out in front of the TV for a bit, and it was lovely being cooked for.

On Tuesday me and Joe had our Valentine’s Day, since unfortunately he’s at a funeral this weekend.

Valentine's Day

My other presents from him haven’t arrived yet, but I picked out some stuff from Love The Planet. I’ve been trying to find a paraben-free moisturiser for months and they sell them so that’s fab. I’m quite anti-Lush at the minute because they might be planet friendly and animal friendly but they aren’t people friendly with all the parabens, sodium laureth sulphate and other junk they put in their products and then claim they’re ‘natural’. Sigh.

This weekend I’m going home to visit my family. I’m so happy now that it’s beginning to get noticeably lighter in the evenings because this winter seems to have lasted forever and it’s been snowing a bit on and off. I’m also due some holiday at work so I’m thinking of having a bit of time off at the end of March, which will be a nice treat