closeJust a quick note to say that this post was published 6 years 11 months 19 days ago. It's pretty old!

Any advice or opinions it contains may be super outdated, so believe at your own risk

Don’t worry, I’m still alive (as you could probably tell from my Twitter feed). I’ve been away (i.e. not blogging) for a freakishly long time now, partly because of the fact that I knew I should blog about my holiday but couldn’t bring myself to do it. This in turn is due to the fact that I have over 1,000 photos to upload at 5MB each. Very helpfully, my gallery only allows me to upload 8GB of photos at once, and I just couldn’t face doing one at a time. Putting a couple of hundred on Facebook was bad enough. So, I’ve picked out a few so you can get a feel for it:

Venice at sunset

Sunset in Venice

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik in Croatia

Me in Croatia

The other reason I’ve not blogged is because, as usual, I’ve been extremely busy. Thursday, for example, went like this:
– Up at 7:30am
– Started work at 9am and finished work at 5:30pm – with only a half hour break all day
– Went straight to the gym, and left at 7pm
– Went to a uni thing at 7:30pm and left at around 10:30pm
– Got home just before 11pm (would’ve been sleep walking but it was too cold).

I mean, that’s pretty crazy. I literally don’t have time to blog, whereas before I was just too tired to blog. Not to mention that most of my work days are spent typing in front of a computer – don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but I really have to push myself to come home and sit in front of a computer again even when I do have the time.

The rest of this entry is going to be random snippets of stuff that should really be separate entries here or on Tumblr, but I’m too lazy. Sorry.

– Carrying on with the crazy money spending (what recession?!), I bought a cute little Samsung netbook from Amazon which should arrive next week. It’s easier than dragging my laptop everywhere, and I do too much typing for a tablet.

– Next up: I’ve never done a review here before, but I will be reviewing some absolutely adorable jewellery this weekend and offering a discount code as well, so watch out for that in a few hours.

– Mouse season is nearly over, thank God. There’s always those few weeks when it gets darker earlier that the cats seem to bring in tons of mice, voles, shrews etc. in various states of mutilation. I’m looking forward to hibernation season.

– Still on the subject of cats, I’ve bought them some super reflective, slightly glittery collars (which haven’t arrived yet) – bit risky as they’re from a random website, but hopefully they’ll be good quality if they ever show up…and not tacky. Fingers crossed.

– Even though you won’t notice any updates, I’m always working on Blossom behind the scenes. At the moment I’m going through the old Paint Shop Pro tutorials in preparation for my big content archiving plan. I’m also working on a lot of WordPress tutorials as people have suggested them – they ‘re going to take a while though so don’t get too excited

– This weekend’s plans include a Halloween party tomorrow night, swimming with Joe on Sunday, and hopefully lots of relaxation. We’re getting decking in the garden so I’ll have to hang around for the gardener but hopefully it won’t take all day. I also really, really need to tidy my room badly. I haven’t even put my suitcase away, and there are clothes all over the place.