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So today I’m 25, which makes me feel officially old (halfway to 50 anyone?!). This should be the point where I post a relevant picture of me blowing out candles, out with friends or opening stacks of presents. Unfortunately, I’m still suffering with flu (the work Christmas party last night nearly killed me) AND I’ve lost my good camera so I’m kind of holed up in a rather reclusive way at the moment. So I’ll just post this fairly unrelated picture of me from 2009 so we can all imagine I’m partying with the best of them.

The crazy facial expression is an attempt to copy my friend’s expression on my hat. And here’s a more relevant photo of my birthday cards:

What did I get? A Wii game (Xenoblade Chronicles), a hand knitted scarf (it’s about nine feet long but I love it), gloves, Tommy & Kate bag, breakfast cooked for me this morning by my lovely Joe, a Snickers bar, ┬ú10, about six scented candles, and some more money to come which will go towards the Macbook Pro I’m intending to buy soon. A very random assortment of gifts, but all will be put to good use

Just one more week before Christmas, and then I have some well deserved time off!