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For the past few days, I’ve been feeling exhausted, and unusually for me, unmotivated. I’ve been looking forward to the three day weekend for ages, but I just feel like I’ve done nothing…probably because I’ve not spent very much time on the computer. Instead I spent Friday evening with friends, then spent most of Saturday in the fruitless search for a bridesmaid dress (I’ve since given up, it was stressing me out to ridiculous levels and I just got sick and tired of the whole thing). Yesterday I sorted my entire wardrobe, went to the gym and had Sunday lunch out at the pub with my mum. And today I cleaned and tidied my room from top to bottom before going food shopping. Mini banoffee pies are in progress in the fridge, and I’m currently looking at all the emails and invoices I have to send, articles to write and edit, and blog posts to draft, and to be honest I can’t face any of it right now. My right eye is twitching at the thought. I have done some web stuff, like replying to a couple of emails and editing a guest post, but hardly anything compared to what I normally do.

I need a holiday badly; the other reason I’m stressed is the weather. It’s been raining practically non-stop for days, maybe even weeks, now and it’s gloomy and depressing. But unfortunately I don’t have time to go anywhere, even if I had the money (I’m currently saving up for a macro lens and that shit is expensive). I think I may have just been spending too much time on the Internet, as weird as it feels to type that. I’m even bored of Facebook.

You’d think that the recent PageRank update and Google Penguin would motivate me; none of my sites have been negatively affected and one of my sites has benefited hugely as the traffic has increased by about 500%. But instead I just want to sleep. I’m going to get an early night tonight and hopefully that will help. I’d really like to hibernate until mid June, but somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon! So instead I’ll finish my banoffee pies and then curl up in bed with a book


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  1. LOL you said you didn’t do anything, and then you went on to list like 5 things you did. I guess you just haven’t done a lot of web stuff? Geez it seems like there’s a lot of it on your to-do list. Why keep yourself so busy?

    Personally, I like gloomy weather. Relaxes me and I end up getting more done.

    Anyway, this is a nice site you’ve got here. Love the layout!

  2. I guess sometimes we just feel that way – I think everyone goes through phases like that once in a while. Just try to hang in there, and once the weather gets better you’ll see you will feel much better too (it has to stop raining some time!!). xx

  3. I just subscribed to your RSS feed and read all of your April Photo Challenge posts. You have definitely been busy and I am not surprised that you feel drained at all.

    Let’s hope that the weather lets up for you soon! Sunshine works wonders on people’s moods, even in a place like LA where it is sunny for most of the year.

  4. I hate it when things start piling up. It makes it so hard to get started because the list seems so long. I find that I just start picking away at the easy things and then the list eventually gets gone.

  5. You’ve been more productive than me! I got back from a business trip on Saturday and had a busy Mother’s Day weekend and since then have just been dragging. I feel you on being tired of the internet. I spend all day at work doing internet related stuff, now when I get home I don’t even want to look at it.

  6. Hey Jenni!! Maybe it’s one of those phases that you’re… yearning for more “life”? Well the Internet is life but it doesn’t compare to the real thing Congratulations on the success of your other sites though! And also you have been very productive! Wish I could say that for myself. Good luuck and I hope you get that needed vacation! I don’t like consecutive rainy days either

  7. I hope you’ve been able to get more done since you posted this!

    I hate the rain, too. I don’t understand how there are people in this world who like it. xD It’s so depressing and all-around crappy.

    Congratulations on your websites improving in terms of traffic and stuff! I don’t know much about Page Rank or anything, but you make me want to check it out. I just might.

    I hope you find your motivation!

  8. You deserve a vacation. You always work so hard on everything!!!! You need to relax too! I hope you’ve gotten the chance to relax and do absolutely nothing for at least a few days! It feels good to be able to recharge and be productive again!! *hugs*

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