It’s winter and I couldn’t get to sleep last night, so I don’t wake up until half eight. Joe’s off to work in town today, but I’ve decided to work from home, so I listen to him crashing around downstairs making his lunch and don’t actually get out of bed until ten to nine. This is pretty atypical for me because I’m normally up and out of the door considerably earlier, but I figure sleeping in is one of the perks of working from home.

I go downstairs, feed the cats and grab a drink before settling down in front of my laptop. I work from anywhere and everywhere in the house, but today I decide to sit on the sofa with a throw. The cats have finished their breakfast in about three seconds flat, so Ginge curls up next to me for a nap: a definite working from home perk.

My first stop is always social media. I check the work accounts and find that we’ve been mentioned in a tweet because I did an interview on productivity and it was published last night. I Buffer it for work, RT and like it from my personal account, and share it on my personal LinkedIn account. I get slightly distracted by replying to people and RTing, but I’m happy that there’s interest in the piece.

After that I read my emails. In my last job I literally had hundreds a day, but since switching, I get maybe ten, most of which are notifications. I sort through them and deal with them accordingly.

Next stop is Slack. I catch up on posts and have a brief chat with our designer about a new template style we’re adding to the website. After that I review my notes from the meeting I had with my boss last week and add some related tasks to Trello while eating a late breakfast. Since I’m at home, I put some laundry on so there’s one less task to do later.

Today my focus is largely on video. We’re planning to create some to explain our services in a visual/aural way and to add a ‘human’ touch. This is actually the first time I’ve worked on something like this, so I email some companies to get an idea of the process and cost, and spend a while researching and making notes.

My plan was to focus on the best practices for video script writing, but I realise as I’m researching that there are a lot of tangential factors that will influence it, such as where it will be watched, what the landing pages should be like, how we’ll measure its success, what voice artist skills we’ll need, royalty-free background music sources, and so on. I put the most useful information into Slack, and make a separate ‘Video Transcript Tips’ bullet point list in Word.

I grab a lazy lunch – a bowl of cereal – and settle back down to read more articles and watch more videos. I’m lying on my side and Halo decides to sit on my knee but gets bored after a while and wanders off.

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I take the opportunity to sit up and begin writing my first draft of the video transcript. According to my research it should only be about a minute/150 words long, so that makes it harder to write because it’s pretty restrictive and there’s a lot to say. I find that dividing it up into broad ideas/sections makes the structure better and the re-writing easier.

I take a quick ‘change of task’ break to check social media and Feedly. Mondays are the day I schedule the vast bulk of social media content, but I like to keep on top of any big news or any interesting articles that come up throughout the week to add to my queue of posts to share. I’m beginning to feel the need for a proper break, so after getting the laundry out of the washer I put boots and another layer on and go outside for a walk.


When I get back I decide to start on a new blog post. I’ve been writing a series called ‘The developer’s guide to…’, and this one is about writing web copy. They’re typically long posts of 2,000-3,000 words and require a lot of work. I create a skeleton outline by writing out ideas for subtitles and subtopics, grouping thoughts about specific points to cover, and arranging the whole thing into something that makes more sense, at least in a first draft kind of way. I include markers for an introduction and a summary with a call to action. I’m now ready to start building out the key sections and working through each element. By this point it’s 5:45 and I’m ready to call it a day. It’s been a pretty standard working from home day today – office days are generally quite different – and Joe tells me he’s coming home to cook dinner. I’m cleaning the house and working on my own blog posts tonight, so it’s a fair trade.

How was your day?