There are two types of people in the world: those who love sharing their food on social media, and those who don’t.


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I definitely fall into the former category. Not only do I like sharing photos of food, whether a takeaway burger or homemade cakes, I love seeing other people’s. It’s easy to appreciate beautiful photography regardless of subject.

But maybe it’s more significant than just a photo of your dinner.


Inspiring others

One of the reasons sharing food pics on social media is so popular is that it’s a great source of inspiration for your own meals. Not only that, but it can be a great motivator for your goals: eating more healthily, doing more home cooking, wasting less food and so on. It’s easy to use Pinterest to browse recipes, follow specific bloggers on any and all social networks, and quickly google an ingredient to find out how to use it or what goes well with it.

Best of all, you know that the people making these dishes are just like you. They aren’t professional chefs with 20 years’ experience, huge kitchens, practically unlimited budgets, and staff on hand to prep ingredients for them before they record a video with multiple takes. With social media recipes, an amazing, creative meal seems a lot more doable – even if you don’t get it perfect first time.

If you have to (or choose to) follow a specific diet or lifestyle, you can make that happen really easily with clever searches. You don’t have to be restricted to buying a book which sits forgotten or only has one decent recipe in it. You can ask questions, get help, and find out where to buy the things you need.

Need a dinner plan? Why not try this Ginger Basil Stir Fry? Recipe on the blog and link in profile!

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Supporting businesses

Organically1 sharing photos of food from restaurants, cafes, and so on, is invaluable for businesses of all sizes. There are many, many places I would never have heard about if it wasn’t for a friend checking in there and sharing a photo of some amazing-looking food. I’ve both asked for and given opinions based on someone adding a picture of their meal. A genuine recommendation from a friend is incredibly powerful, and vital for businesses facing a lot of competition.

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Documenting memories

A lot of my favourite memories are associated with food, like baking bread in Paris and sharing a geeky birthday cake with our gaming group. A photo is a great way to document that and jog your memory about smells and tastes as well as sights.

Happy Valentine's Day! #valentines #breakfast #roses #croissants

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Celebrating what you’ve made

People don’t think it’s weird to post a photo of a painting you’ve done or a scarf you’ve knitted, so why should food be any different? It’s not a crime to celebrate something you’ve spent time and effort creating. And if you can’t celebrate with your friends, who can you celebrate with?

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Improving your skills

A while ago I came across an old photo of my cakes and did a side-by-side comparison of my baking and photography then and now (see Insignificance, standing still, and all that good stuff). Years of baking and taking photos has definitely improved both skills for me.

Getting better

What about inspiration from others to improve your skills? Looking at other people’s photos for composition and prop ideas is something even professional photographers do, and even if you don’t photograph food, you can get plenty of inspiration for your other photos.

What it says about you

Food, in all its glory of flavour and colour, is not only essential to life, it’s a key aspect of your personality. What someone chooses to eat says so much about who they are and how they live, and it has all kinds of influence when posted on social media.

Let them eat cake. But don’t forget to take a photo and upload it.

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  1. i.e. for no compensation