I started off doing these posts because I liked reading other people’s versions, but now I see them more as diary pieces. It’s interesting seeing how my typical (and not so typical) days change over time. Here’s my day today.

6:54 am I’m on a slightly later shift this week, so I get to lie in an extra hour. It’s amazing, especially since I went to bed at midnight. I start the day by checking social media and the work Slack, where dev team conversations are already happening.

7:05 am I drink some water and do a quick wakeup stretch using this video:

7:15 am I feel better already! Time to shower.

7:35 am One of my friends messages me to find out how I’m doing. She’s a mum so gets up early. It’s sweet of her to take the time to chat and we exchange a few messages while I get ready for work.

7:50 am I’m ready to go but my lift to work isn’t here yet so I do some light cycling on my exercise bike while I’m waiting.

8:50 am The journey to work is uneventful for once and we take a shortcut and manage to avoid all the worst traffic. I arrive at work feeling a bit chirpier than I have recently.

8:55 am I get water and a Fanta and start my working day with emails, social media, looking at stats and sign ups, and replying to reviews.

10:20 am I’m hungry, which makes it breakfast time! Luckily work provides a lot of food so I toast a bagel and add a Babybel.

12:30 pm I work through various tasks and decide to take a lunch break. The weather isn’t great but at least it’s not raining, so I head out for a walk in the nearby woods.

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1:30 pm Back at my desk, I grab some tomato soup and a roll and continue working. I have a meeting with my boss (fairly unusual – I’ve had about three meetings total since starting in July), and then work on sending out Christmas card emails and finishing some quick tasks…with a side of chocolate.

5:15 pm Time to head home. I get back about an hour later and put in some more time on the bike, bringing it up to 8km. I almost have my 10,000 steps for the day. I open the post to find early birthday cards, including the first from Joe’s mum that’s not signed from his dad as well. Sadness rushes up from nowhere and punches me in the stomach. 

7 pm I put some TV on in the background while sorting some chores with Joe. We’re also starting to pack for a trip, so there’s lots to do. Joe goes out to get Chinese.

9 pm I’ve started to download what feels like the whole of Netflix for travelling. It’s taking a while, so I start writing up this blog post.

Downloading the whole of #Netflix #films #movies #ipad #ipadmini

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10 pm Chief is asleep on my legs and I’ve finished updating stuff on my phone and tablet but I’m feeling too lazy to finish packing. Another episode of Catfish it is…

Midnight Meltdown time. Joe calms me down by giving me an early birthday present – a cute toy husky. We persevere and I’m well enough to head to bed around 1am. Whew. More sleep needed I think!

So, how was your day?