There’s something inherently depressing about Sundays, especially later on in the afternoon and evening. It’s too easy to spend it slumped in front of the TV, desperately clinging on to the last few hours of freedom.1 In the past Sundays have traditionally been our board gaming evenings, but since I have to get up really early for work now, we’ve been doing them less recently. I do really miss them, but getting a proper amount of sleep before a full week of work makes a big difference!

The first couple of Sundays this month we happened to have plans, so of course I had to make plans for the rest of them once I realised how much better they could be.

It’s amazing to still have something to look forward to on a Sunday afternoon, and it makes a big difference to my outlook. The weekend somehow feels longer, which is always a bonus!

Week 1: Escape Room

Escape Room success

The first week of the month happened to be Joe’s birthday weekend (I originally wrote about it here). I wanted to do something a bit different, and suggested an escape room challenge. We’d done one before at another place, and while it was really fun, it wasn’t as good as this one. I think it helped that we also had a full team this time! As you can tell by our happy faces, we managed to escape (just!). Joe picked a steampunk themed room and we started the challenge in almost complete darkness which made it really eerie. As is typical for us, we missed the easy obvious thing at the start, but nailed the later difficult challenges with only a couple of prompts.

The escape room we went to was pretty cool: if you escape, you get a photo in front of the clock. If you fail, you get your photo taken behind bars.

Week 2: Cirque du Soleil

I fell in love with Cirque in Vegas (read about my trip here: A Week in Paradise), so when I found out there was going to be a show local to me, I had to buy tickets.

I love the flamboyance, artistry, colour, and comedy all coming together – it makes me feel all warm inside. It’s just stunning. It’s expensive, but you can see why!

Week 3: Culture vultures

Week 3 we happened to be in Paris, so naturally whatever we were doing would end up being different to the usual!

On that Sunday we visited the Invalides museum and the Eiffel Tower, which I covered in more detail here: Paris, Revisited.

That Sunday evening we spent a lot of time waiting for it to get dark enough to photograph the Eiffel Tower properly, but it was definitely worth it!

Eiffel Tower

Week 4: Friends

I’m cheating a little bit here, because our main Sunday entertainment was actually Saturday night: seeing The Halle orchestra perform some sci-fi classics. It was brilliant, and made even better by the compere’s sense of humour and little facts in between each piece. It was Joe’s last birthday present, and he really enjoyed it, so Girlfriend Points for me!


Sunday was actually spent in a few different ways: I had a driving lesson, we had a pub lunch with friends (it was even warm enough to sit outside!), and then we went out for a Five Guys with one of my old work friends and his wife. Lots of fun all round.

Roast dinner

While the past month has been fun, it’s also been expensive. Thankfully spring is officially here now, and the weather has been great, which gives me hope that we’ll be able to spend some Sundays doing one of the things I love best: taking a picnic blanket to the lake and chilling out with a book or some cards,2 visiting the local windmill and buying flour, and going to the local parks and nature reserve. Fun Sundays don’t have to cost a lot of money!

  1. Dramatic? Me?
  2. Let’s be honest here, it’ll probably be the Nintendo Switch now.