Last week was insanely busy, but at a lot of fun! Why have one party when you can have three, right?

Sunday/Monday: Oscars Party

As I mentioned in my Valentine’s Day post, Showcase sent me cinema tickets to celebrate the Oscars. A few days later, they sent me an fantastic Oscars-themed hamper!

I had it delivered to work because it needed to be signed for, which may have been a slight mistake. On opening the box, a loud round of clapping and cheering started from a little device inside the lid…while one of the guys was on a sales call. Oops! We nearly died laughing….luckily it was all good and no one noticed. And of course, the guys immediately looked at the little sound device and re-recorded over the clapping and cheering, because tech guys love. to. fiddle.

So, what was in the box? A whole range of goodies. I was seriously impressed by the quality of everything, right down to the ribbon on the box, and I’m super picky about anything like that. There were two small bottles of champagne, champagne glasses, an Oscars statue with my name engraved on it, a cone of sweets, a selfie stick, a CD of the La La Land music, bingo cards, lots of fun props, and a mask of Meryl Streep (which we used to sneak up on each other. Genuinely terrifying).

After I saw all that, I was like, ‘Right, we need to throw an Oscars party’. My friends are night owls, luckily, given the ceremony started at around 1am our time, so we stayed up and I tweeted and played bingo. We had a great time, and it was totally worth it. Thanks Showcase!

Oscars party ready! #oscars #oscarsbingo #oscars2017 #party #celebrating #celebrate #celebrations

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Tuesday: Pancake Day

(If you’re not from the UK, here’s an explanation of Pancake Day). A while ago our local pub started advertising their pancake day, and while I love the pub normally, they charge way too much for pancakes on the one day they serve them. So we decided to host our own pancake night and invite a bunch of friends over.

It was surprisingly easy to set up and run; Joe made all the (amazing) pancakes, and I created the pancake station using lots of chocolate and lots of baking cupboard ingredients, like mini fudge chunks and sprinkles. We watched a couple of bad films while eating them, like Pixels and The 5th Wave.

Wednesday: Pub

I was originally planning to go to a marketing event, but I was just too tired to go. So instead we had a quick dinner at the pub and then I left everyone early to curl up in bed with a book. I couldn’t put Lie With Me down!

Thursday: Drink Digital

I worked from home on Thursday, so in the evening I walked into town and met Joe at a bar for Drink Digital. Drink Digital is a quarterly meetup for marketing people, and there’s a short talk, a roundup of the latest tools and happenings in the world of Google, and then free pizza. It was a lot of fun

Friday/Weekend: Joe’s birthday & Nintendo Switch!

Joe’s birthday is next week, so we decided to plan a lot of birthday type things. We’re planning to celebrate his birthday ourselves a little late, with a Cirque show and a trip to Paris, but he also wanted to do something with our friends. Here’s how it went down.

Friday morning: My Nintendo Switch arrived! Oh my god. It nearly killed me waiting to open it, since I was working from home all day Friday and it arrived before 9am. I ended up working from Starbucks so I wouldn’t get distracted. Joe’s brother arrived for the weekend, I finally finished working for the day, and we went to Five Guys.

Saturday: We walked to town via the canal, had some food, and did some shopping. I spent ages making Joe’s birthday cake. It just wouldn’t. go. right. In the end it turned out okay (on Sunday, when I went back to it), but I still wasn’t happy with the chocolate layer.

In the evening a bunch of us went to the pub. It was nice to have a bit of downtime after a busy week.

Sunday: We played more Zelda, went to a BBQ place, then five of us did an escape room challenge. It was machinery-themed, kind of steampunk-y, and we started the challenge in near pitch black surroundings. It was actually pretty creepy! In the end we made it out with just a few minutes to spare, and it was a fantastic way to spend an hour

We rounded off the weekend with some light card games back at the house, and then I went to bed around half ten so I could get enough sleep for a 5:30am start on Monday.

How was your week?