It’s been a while since I blogged. Life has been pretty shitty, for reasons I’m not going into just yet. What I will say is that one bad thing never happens on its own. There are at least three bad things that happen to me at any one time, and they are always massive life changing things, not like accidentally leaving the freezer door open.1

I have a ton of drafts I’m partway through, but when life struck, I lost interest in all of them. While I’m waiting to get my mojo back for those posts, I decided to make a list of non-blogging things I’ve been doing recently. Some might call it procrastination, some might call it coping skills. Potato, potahto.

1. Collab!

I’ve done some collaborative work with other bloggers and professionals recently, and it’s been really interesting and motivating. I love sharing my passion for writing and finding out about other people’s passions for what they do. Plus having a particular person rely on you to get something done is a real motivator. Even if what you’re doing isn’t for money, it’s still a great experience to swap ideas and get feedback from people around the world.

2. Live in the moment

Mindfulness isn’t something I’m good at or particularly, even though I’m recommended it constantly on account of how it’s the latest miracle cure for people with depression. I’m not knocking it – some people do find it genuinely helpful and that’s great. But when my dentist become the 22nd person to recommend it to me, I started to lose patience.
Regardless, I do manage to live in the moment fairly often – and naturally – through photography. I especially appreciate this time of year. Everything looks better when the weather’s nice and there are leaves and flowers and things everywhere.

3. Plan

Even if you never do what’s on your plan. Even if your plan is to watch Netflix. Plan. Plans = hope. Plans = future.
I prefer pen and paper, but doodles, typing…whatever works. Also, it can be a plan about anything. Even a plan to build a treehouse café. (Step 1: To YouTube!)

4. Eat ice cream

Eat the best possible ice cream you can in the best possible setting. And ENJOY every second of it. Bonus points for any of the following: sauce, sprinkles, chocolate flake, tiny fudge cubes.

5. Download cute fonts

And spend hours playing with them for no reason. They’ll come in useful in the future, even if they don’t inspire you too much right now. If you’re an overachiever, stick a profound (or completely meaningless, it’s your life) quote on it and add to Pinterest or Instagram.

6. Binge watch a TV series

You can always blog about it later (Too meta?) I watched two seasons of The Hills recently, and I don’t even care.

They created all this content for us, and developed the services to get it to us, and now they complain we binge watch stuff. Well, who started it? YOU DID, OLDER PEOPLE.

7. Ask people ridiculous questions

Start off with a vaguely sensible question, and then make the questions more and more ridiculous. See how long it takes them to notice, then pretend to be offended when they suggest you’re crazy. I recommend doing this in an enclosed space, like the beginning of a long car journey, for maximum impact.

8. Spend time with awesome people

(Pro tip: Do this before you do #7, otherwise they won’t want to talk to you anymore. Or better still, pick people you don’t think are awesome for that one). It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you can be yourselves. If you’re literally staring at screens tweeting each other in the same room, that’s FINE. And don’t let old people tell you it’s not.

9. Buy something that’s vaguely productive

Maybe a business book? Or a blogging ebook? Or some stationery? Or a planner? Or stickers? Or all those things. You know a shit looking pen does the same job as a great looking pen, but your outlook is totally different.

What do you do when you’ve lost your blogging mojo?

  1. Which I also did recently. But I digress.