I’ve been quieter on social media and this blog over the past few days because I’ve been reflecting. I’m in the middle of writing some really big posts (on totally different topics: visiting Chernobyl, living with depression, and some WordPress advice). My brain has flooded itself with a lot of ideas for projects. I’m overwhelmed by Facebook yet again (see What I learned from quitting Facebook & A quick tip to make social media more productive) because I’m in too many groups. I’m also going through a weird depressive phase. And I have a lot of little horrible tasks hanging over me, like going to the dentist and sorting out messed up student loan repayments.

Generally, I feel really overwhelmed on a daily basis. Simplicity helps, but it’s not really that practical for the day-to-day. I’m feeling restless, but at the same time I’m not progressing with anything significant. So instead I’m trying to look at the longer-term fun things – the slightly bigger picture goals.

Here are my mini goals, and some ideas for setting your own.

What makes a good mini goal?

  • Keep it simple: For example, I’ve set one date to complete all my mini goals by (31st December).
  • Stay on track: Check in with yourself at least once before the end approaches. A halfway point will help you stay on track.
  • Give yourself a goal you have a chance of completing: these aren’t stretch goals.
  • Make sure completion doesn’t take too many steps – otherwise it’s not a mini goal.
  • Have clearly actionable and specific goals.
  • Ensure the mini goal is something you enjoy or something that will get you closer to your bigger goals (preferably both!).
  • Don’t turn your to-do list into mini goals: make sure your mini goals have an end value. You’re not paying a bill, you’re improving your life.
  • Don’t make too many mini goals. 10 is the absolute limit.

My mini goals

1. Learn calligraphy

I’m so jealous of those people creating gorgeous hand-lettered things on Instagram and Creative Market and just everywhere really! There are a few workshops fairly locally, but I’m currently deciding between whether to just watch a load of YouTube videos and buy a kit, or make the effort to do a proper workshop. Either way, I want to start learning calligraphy.

2. Make better cheesecakes

I’m terrible at making cheesecake, because I haven’t made them enough. I want to practise a lot this summer, and then create some good baked/no bake recipes to put online.

3. Re-launch Jenni.me

I’ve made a lot of steps forward with this website, including a full redesign (still working on bits, don’t look too closely!), but before we started work on this, I actually half-finished a redesign of Jenni.me, which hasn’t been touched in years.

Website redesign in progress! #webdesign #photography #portfolio #jquery #html #css #typography #mac

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So I need to finish that up, write some more copy, fix some things, figure out some kind of photo display, and then re-launch it.

4. Walk 3,650,000 steps by the end of the year

Or 10,000 steps a day. This is going well so far, I’m well on track. In fact, I’m actually a bit ahead. Boom.

5. Create more recipes

I have so many half-written/photographed recipes for Bakes. My original goal was one per week, but that’s proved to be not sustainable. An incredible amount of work goes into such short pages, because I’m making the recipe, taking photos as I go, then editing them, adding titles and domain name, uploading the photos, writing up the recipe, doing the weight/volume conversions, creating a vertical image for Pinterest etc. etc. As usual, I’m overcomplicating everything But I hope to be done with them by the end of this year, even if I have to resort to using Instagram shots as placeholders (!)

6. Make my own stock photos

I think I have all the kit now (depending on how flexible my tripod ends up being), so I want to get a load of cute stock photos together. I do have some photos I could use as stock, but I want to get them properly organised and figure out how I’m going to give them away/sell them.

7. Visit a(nother) new country

We went to Amsterdam for the light festival back in January, and I’d never been to the Netherlands before. Hopefully we’ll get to go somewhere Eastern Europe way, like perhaps Latvia, Hungary, or Romania.

8. Pass my driving test

This is huge for me because my anxiety is currently getting in the way of me even booking a test, but I’m hoping to overcome it. I feel like a lot of other people are putting pressure on me to pass, and I hate that more than anything, so my anxiety is super skyrocketing about it.

9. Complete travel posts backlog

I’m not too far behind on travel posts now. We’ve been to Norway, Amsterdam, and Paris in the last six months, but those are all covered. I have Chernobyl and Kiev to write about, which will be at least two posts, and then I have a trip I took to Ankara (Turkey) back in 2013 that I never actually wrote about. I think I might also do a round-up of other places I visited prior to getting my DSLR, so I have a complete list somewhere of everywhere I’ve visited, with okay-ish photos where possible.

10. Finish my mini project

I started creating a new website, and then forgot about it, and then neglected it, and yeah…I’d like to get it finished. It’s nothing special, just a simple resource website that also serves as an example of a website hosted for the company I work for, because people keep asking for examples.

Have you got any mini goals this year? Let me know what they are in the comments!