You’d think that sitting at home or at the office all day working with just a few people around would mean that my life was pretty quiet, right?

Ha. Hahahaha.

Here are some other things that have happened in the past few weeks:

1. Joe finally won his legal battle.

He did some dev work for a national company in their own offices and they refused to pay him on the basis that they ‘didn’t end up using the work’. Yeah no. We don’t take that crap from wannabe entrepreneurs anymore, let alone corporations making millions. After an unnecessary amount of going back and forth and filing documents, they eventually paid up in an out of court settlement. We didn’t do it for the money, we did it for all the freelancers and contractors out there who’ve been stiffed for no good goddamn reason, and I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

2. Sin got an abscess on his head.

He’s prone to them, but any lump is always terrifying. He had it removed by the vet, was kept in the house for a few days against his will, and is now fully recovered.

3. I witnessed criminals fleeing a crime scene.

I was walking back from the pub, alone, when I saw some guys running down the street. I was instantly suspicious, and it turned out that I witnessed them running away from their victim – a guy they’d just stabbed – and ended up filing a police report. In a world full of Trumps and terrorists, it’s a reminder to live your life regardless, because anything can happen at any time, wherever you are.

4. We went to the beach.

Three days after the stabbing incident, we went down to Sussex to visit Joe’s family and go to his brother’s surprise birthday party. It was a brief trip because we had to get back for Sin/work, but it was good to see everyone again.

5. We did an app-based murder mystery.

Last weekend Hannah came to stay and we got the gang together to hunt down clues and speak to ‘witnesses’ across the city in an app-based game called CluedUpp. They hold events across the UK fairly regularly and we didn’t win any prizes, but we had a lot of fun and managed to get both weapon and murderer right first time, so maybe it’s time for a career change Too soon?!