I’ve written posts before about what my working day is like (links at the bottom of this post if you haven’t read them before), but unsurprisingly it’s now completely different to what it’s ever been like before.

It’s Thursday lunchtime. I’m still sitting on the sofa in my pyjamas (we don’t go to the office or our co-working space all that much really), having watched an episode of Dr Foster while doing Twitter scheduling. There’s a cat curled up next to me. Joe is working on coding our upcoming affiliate program and we have friends coming over for what they affectionately call a ‘work party’. This can typically involve anything from their own work to virtual assistant-style tasks, but today it involves support training for one and ??? (probably transcribing) for the other.

The atmosphere is more chilled than it has been the past couple of weeks, because we’ve now hired a couple more support people (we’re in the process of training/scheduling them in at the moment), and we’ve had someone I used to work with – and love to death – doing a few evening support shifts. Our little team is growing very quickly; we’ve also taken on another VA for odd bits here and there. At the moment I’ve even stepped back a bit on sales and marketing to give us some breathing room to Get Stuff Done and catch up.

Our priority isn’t getting as many customers as possible, but to maintain and build on the service we’re already offering our current customers. As crazy as it sounds, I even dissuaded someone from signing up with us last week. A lot of people would probably call me crazy for that, but she just wasn’t the right fit for us. I’ve got very good at identifying who we want as customers with a very short chat, and while anyone can sign up at any time, I’m keen to build a community from our customer base so our focus is that first. The people we have so far are fantastic Eventually the plan is to bring together a group of people to all build each other up and help each other out, whether they’re our customers or partners. For a lot of people and a lot of communities I’m in, making as much money as possible is the goal, and the measure of success. While having enough to support ourselves is important to us, our focus is more on providing people with an honest, powerful service that’s hassle-free and goes beyond just web hosting.

I work 9am-2am pretty much every day. I’m still working on the ‘not working’ thing, but honestly it’s taken over my life…in a good way. I hate being away from the business (still sounds weird to say that!) too long. I love talking about it non-stop. It’s really hard to believe we’re only been going a couple of months, because it feels like we’ve been around years. I have a purpose. I have goals.

I deprived myself of those things all this time because I was scared to lose a regular, decent salary and because I thought I’d feel like a quitter. I enjoy waking up in the morning now, and I love what I do more than anything. Really simple, basic things like being able to shower when I want, go out to eat when I want, wake up when I want (within reason), and sit in a room at the temperature I want seem like such small things. But they make such a big difference to my day and my outlook. It’s a lot more of a natural way to live, especially now we’re past the stress of launch and not living off cereal and hope

One of the other things I value the most is the feedback we’ve had. It’s been so positive and even people who aren’t our target market (i.e. guys) have complimented us on how good our website looks and how we’re doing something good in the industry. And hiring people has been wonderful too; people have already been talking about working for us, or working for us full time so it’s a dream come true in that respect.

So the TL;DR is that we’re doing well, I’m doing well, everything’s good How’re you?