I did a double take when I looked at this blog a few days ago and realised that I hadn’t posted in months. I knew it had been a while, but October? Really?!

December is typically the slowest time of year in web hosting. It’s that quiet period after Black Friday sales and before “New Year, New Site” promotions/price increases (depending on your host). So we’d planned to take it easy for a bit, catch up on some of the more boring tasks, and finish up the affiliate program, all while having our friends over for Christmas Day dinner and Boxing Day, sorting presents, and doing all the other lovely seasonal festivities in all their glory before a relaxing New Year and back to full days.

Ha. Hahahahaha.

2017 GraphAt the beginning of December we expected to match around September’s income (our first full month). Instead, we had one of our busiest months ever. People were buying hosting and switching providers to launch/relaunch their sites for Jan 1st, which is something we hadn’t anticipated at all. So we weren’t prepared for the crazy influx of work we had, and we hadn’t got anyone else on support shifts because we thought it would be quiet.

It was a great problem to have – the best – but it meant we only had one complete day off, Christmas Day. Whew.

  • We didn’t send Christmas cards (normally we do handmade) – we did donate to charity instead though.
  • I didn’t do anything for my birthday bar have a few friends over to group-make a unicorn birthday cake.
  • I’ve managed to lose a wedding invitation from one of my old college friends that I can’t even remember opening.
  • I’ve become a godparent (!!) but I haven’t even thought about making plans to see the baby.

You don’t even want to know when I last showered. Hell, I don’t even remember. (Definitely will be today though. Definitely).

Basically, anything that doesn’t require my immediate attention – cats/the house falling down – is unlikely to happen. I put the TV on while I work and look up hours later, surprised it’s switched itself off or still on pause. I don’t even remember to eat; yesterday I took ice cream out of the freezer and then forgot about it for two hours. This is the most unlike me thing ever.


I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m actually grumpy when people pull me away from work. We have the nicest, most kickass customers on the planet and I regularly pinch myself to remind me they’re still real.

  • I create something new every day.
  • I get to work with my best friend.
  • Work doesn’t feel like work.
  • I get to spend a lot of time on Facebook.
  • We’ve saved our customers a combined total of literally thousands that their hosts asked to pay them for malware removal, security fees, junk add-on products, backup services, SSL certificates, inflated renewal prices, etc. etc. (And from pricing practices that should be illegal – a “free” domain isn’t free if there’s a secret mandatory $21+ domain privacy charge attached to it).
  • In the past month, we’ve been featured in a monthly subscription box for female entrepreneurs, done a magazine interview, and joined a group of other small businesses for an upcoming group business resource giveaway.

Above all those things, what I find most rewarding is the lovely comments and messages we get from people saying we were their best decision of 2017, that they’ve fallen in love with blogging again, that they attribute us as a key factor to their success. Are we perfect? No. We still have a lot we want to do and a lot to work on, but I show up and give my best every single day.

People believe in us. I’m starting to believe in myself. The best is yet to come.