This Photoshop tutorial is fairly simple, but allows you to create a striking star of 3D spikes – ideal for a desktop background or web banner.

Step 1

Create a new image with a black background (File > New).

Step 2

Go to Filter > Render > Lense Flare, and change your settings to match the ones on the image below. To get the lense flare in the right place, simply click the cross hair cursor and drag it until it looks roughly like the one below:

Adobe Photoshop 3D Spikes Tutorial

Step 3

Press Ok, and make a new image that’s 800 x 800. Again, floodfill it black.

Step 4

Copy and paste the image with the lense flare onto your new image. Then go to Layers > Merge Visible.

Step 5

Go to Filter > Stylise > Extrude, and copy these settings:

Adobe Photoshop 3D Spikes Tutorial

Step 6

Repeat by pressing Ctrl and F as many times as you like to create more intense spikes.

Step 7

Now see my Colourising tutorial to change the colour.

Step 8

You can then save your image, or play with it a bit more to get the best effect. At the moment your spikes will look a lot lighter on the bottom half. To match them up, copy and paste your image then use the crop tool to eliminate the dark half of the image.

Step 9

Then go to Image > Rotate Canvas > Flip Canvas Vertical, then copy and paste onto the top half of your original spikes to create a lightened look all over. To get a more streamlined effect, use the Brush tool to eliminate any weird horizontal lines that may appear across your image.

Step 10

That’s it! View the final 3D spikes effect (opens in a new tab/window).