If you’re new to Photoshop, and you’ve been using another graphics program (e.g. Paint Shop Pro) for a long time, then even something as simple as copying and pasting can appear quite confusing at first! So I wrote a quick tutorial on it.

Step 1

Open up your image, and go to Select > All. This should make an animated dotted line appear around the outside of your image (don’t worry it’s not permanent!)

Copy and Paste Photoshop Tutorial

Step 2

Then press Ctrl and C. This will copy the image. To paste, open up a new image, then press Ctrl and V to paste. If you paste straight away, it will create a new layer on your previous image. You need to open a new image and paste on to that.

Step 3

Press Ctrl and D together to deselect the original image, and the dotted line will be removed.

Step 4

If you’re pasting from another graphics program or the Internet, copy your image, then open a new image in Photoshop and press Ctrl and V.