Line stretch might not look like much initially, but it’s a great way to make a stripy background or layout for your website, or make co-ordinating buttons and banners very easily.

Step 1

Open up the image you want to stretch.

Step 2

Make a new image that is the same width as the image you just opened, but a lot bigger in height (I’d say about 400-800 pixels bigger, depending on the size of your original image).

Step 3

Paste your original image onto your new image. Right click the dotted shape on your Tool menu (the marquee tool), and choose Single Row Marquee.

Line Stretch Photoshop Tutorial

Step 4

Now on your image, click on the place you want to start stretching from (it should be somewhere near the bottom of your original picture).

Step 5

Press Ctrl and hold whilst you press T. Now click the tiny grey square that just appeared and drag it down to the bottom of your image.

Step 6

Press Enter on your keyboard, then go to Select > Deselect. Here’s mine:

Line Stretch Photoshop Tutorial