Making your own brushes is a great way to quickly save and alter your designs for future use with little effort. Or offer them as a download on your website to create a popular page almost instantly.

Step 1

Open up the image you want to turn into a brush. It can be a photo, self-made image or other technique. One idea is to turn font characters into brushes by using text as an image. Just make sure that if you’re not using your own image that it’s not copyrighted and used with permission.

Step 2

On the toolbar, click the selection tool, then right click and press Select All.

Step 3

Then go to Edit > Define Brush and click Ok.

Step 4

Now click the brush tool, and your brush should appear! However, before you do anything with it you need to save it. If you aren’t happy with your brush, go back and create another.

Step 5

If you want to keep your brush, then click the little arrow next to the image of the brush at the the top of the screen. Then click the little arrow pointing to the right and go down to Save Brushes, and save your brush. If you’re confused, here’s a diagram:

Making Adobe Photoshop Brushes Tutorial