A great one-off effect, the original credit for this design goes to Blue Sfear. Ideal for banners and Matrix-themed sites, this can look great on forums and sites with black backgrounds.

Step 1

Go to File > New and create a new image with a white background.

Step 2

Go to Filter > Texture > Grain and make the intensity and Contrast 100, and the Grain Type, Vertical, and press Ok.

Matrix Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Step 3

Now go to Filter > Artistic > Neon Glow. Change the Glow Size to 5, the Glow Brightness to 20 and choose a bright green for the Glow Colour.

Step 4

Go to Filter > Stylise > Glowing Edges and change the Edge Width to 2, the Edge Brightness to 10 and the Smoothness to 4.

h2>Step 5

Colourise it if you like by going to Image > Adjustments Hue/Saturation. Check the Colorize box and set the Hue to 127, the Saturation to 51 and the Lightness to -28. Alternatively, play with the numbers to get the colour you want or see my colourising tutorial.

Matrix Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Step 6

If you want a variation on this effect, go to Filter > Blur > Radial Blur, change the Amount to 100 and the Blur Centre to Zoom and click Ok. It’s not very Matrix-y but still looks cool.

Matrix Effect Photoshop Tutorial