Soften the detail of an image and create an instant brush-like effect with this tutorial. Better used on images with fine detail, it’s a quick and easy way to give your photos an artistic finish.

Step 1

Open up a photo in Photoshop.

Step 2

In the Layers palette on the right of your screen, right click the top layer and select Duplicate Layer.

Painted Effect Tutorial

Step 3

Now go to Filter > Artistic > Dry Brush. The settings to use may vary depending on your image, but I used Brush size 0, Brush Detail 10 and Texture 1. You could also try one of the other options like Sponge or Poster Edges for a different effect. Once you’re happy with the look, click Ok.

Step 4

In the layer palette from step 2, this time choose Blending Options instead of Duplicate Layer. Set the top Opacity slide to about 50 or 60%, depending on what effect you want. Click Ok.

Step 5

Finally, go to Layer > Flatten Image then save.

Painted Effect TutorialPainted Effect Tutorial