Bored of the same old text effects that Photoshop offers? Use this Picture Text tutorial to use your own pictures and designs for a more creative look. You can also use parts of backgrounds and banners to co-ordinate your text with the rest of your layout or design.

Step 1

Open up a new image in PS, and add some text to it by clicking the text tool (it looks like a T). Make sure the text is in its own layer, if you’re using more than one on your image. Also try and make your font big and chunky.

Step 2

Then open up the picture you’re going to use in the background. It can be a photo, a background, whatever. Just make sure it’s at least the same size as the image you just put text on. Go to the Layer Palette on the right of your screen (see the image for Step 3 if you don’t know what that is). Press Ctrl and hold down until you’ve clicked the layer with the text. This will make a dotted line appear round the edge:

Picture Text Tutorial

Step 3

Make a new layer: Layer > New > Layer.

Picture Text Tutorial

Step 4

Go back to your background image and copy it, then go back to your text. Make sure you’re clicked on to the new layer you just created and paste into it using Ctrl, Shift and V.

Picture Text Tutorial

Step 5

Now use some basic text effects to make your picture text stand out. Back in your layer palette, right click the text layer and choose Blending Options. Use the options available in the pop up box to make your text stand out more. I’ve used Stroke and Drop Shadow.

Picture Text Tutorial

Step 6

Once you’re happy, hit OK and save.

Picture Text Tutorial