Removing backgrounds or cutting out parts of images can vary in difficulty depending on colours, quality and format of the graphic you’re working with. Cutting out images is easier with practice, but part of the issue is understanding when to do it.

Step 1

Open up the image you want to remove the backgroud of in Photoshop. It’s worth testing out a couple of the other tools in the menu such as the Quick Selection Tool and Magic Wand Tool before you begin this tutorial. These tools are much faster and easier but can only be used if your image lends itself to them. If successful, skip to Step 5.

I’ve taken an image from my photo gallery to remove the background of:

Cutting Out Images Tutorial

Step 2

Right-click the lasso tool in the left hand side menu, and make sure either Polygonal Lasso Tool or Magnetic Lasso Tool is selected. At the top of the screen, change the Feather 0 px to 1 px.

Cutting Out Images Tutorial

Step 3

Draw carefully around the part of the picture you want to cut by clicking a spot and then drawing a line around the image (click again to move it in a different direction). Cutting out effectively may take practice to get exactly right, but don’t give up!

Cutting Out Images Tutorial

Step 4

Once you’ve drawn all the way round, it should automatically become selected like this:

Cutting Out Images Tutorial

Step 5

Press Ctrl (and hold) then C, to copy, Ctrl and N to create a new image (click Ok), then Ctrl and V to paste. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look amazing the first time round, search for some simple images to practice with.

Cutting Out Images Tutorial

Step 6

If your image is a bit messy, go through the tutorial again and neaten up the edges a bit.