Create a seaspray background quickly and easily with this simple tutorial. This abstract effect looks good in a variety of different colours, so don’t be afraid to experiment on the final result using gradients and brushes.

Step 1

Open up a new image, any size, with a white background. Press D on your keyboard.

Step 2

Now go to Filter > Render > Clouds.

Step 3

Next, Filter > Brush Strokes > Crosshatch and set the numbers to 9, 6, 1 if they aren’t already and press Ok.

Step 4

Now go to Filter > Stylise > Wind and set it to Blast and click Ok. Then colourise and save!

Seaspray Photoshop Tutorial

Step 5

Optionally, you could then go to Filter > Brush Stokes > Spatter for a nice look.

Seaspray Photoshop Tutorial