Sinedots is the name of a filter that creates amazing 3D shapes really easily and quickly! Not only is it efficient, but people will wonder how you did it and you can create something different every time.

Step 1

To start with, download Sinedots and/or Sinedots 2 onto your computer. You need a file extracting program such as Winzip if you find that Windows won’t unzip it for you.

Step 2

Once you’ve unzipped the file, drag the icons into your PS Plugins folder. It should be somethig like C: > Program Files > Adobe > Photoshop > Plug-Ins.

Step 3

Then open Photoshop. If it was already open, close it and open it again. Make a new, blank image and use the floodfill bucket to colour the background any shade you want.

Step 4

Go to Filter > Dragonfly > Sinedots (or Sinedots II), and basically play around with the settings until you get something you like. Press Ok and you’re done! You can also add interesting effects to your finished image by using lighting effects, grids, brushes etc. You can colourise it when you’ve finished if you like.

Step 5

If your finished image has a lot of jagged edges, fix it by going to Layer > Duplicate Layer. Then go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Then go to Edit > Fade Gaussian Blur and set the transparency to about 40%.

Sinedots Photoshop Tutorial

Sinedots Photoshop Tutorial