These Spikes are surprisingly versatile, and you can quickly give them a 3D edge or gradient overlay to add a bit more interest.

Step 1

Open a new image in PS, and right click the Lasso Tool (Lasso Tool) and select Polygonal Lasso Tool, then draw spikes on your image. Make sure you make a complete shape so when you’ve finished it becomes selected like this:

Spikes Photoshop Tutorial

Step 2

Next click the Paint Bucket tool, and fill your spikes in with whatever colour you like. Press Ctrl and D to deselect your image (which removes the floating dotted line).

Step 3

Go to Layer > Duplicate Layer, and if a box comes up click Ok. Move the layer you just created with the Move Tool so you can see both layers of spikes.

Step 4

Then go to Layer > Layer Style > Blending Options, and under Blend Mode, change the Opacity to between 60-70%. Click Ok, or see my settings below for ideas of more alterations:

Spikes Photoshop Tutorial

Step 5 (optional)

In your layer palette, click the top layer to make it active and then repeat step 4. I’ve chosen to make my top spikes 3D for a more contemporary look.

Step 6

Go to Layer > Flatten Image, then go to File > Save! Here’s mine:

Spikes Photoshop Tutorial