Step 1

Open up a new image or the image you want to add text to. Choose the T tool and click the image to add text.

Step 2

Now go to the Layer Palette and right click your text layer, then click Blending Options…:

Text Effects Tutorial

Step 3

In the pop up box, you can then click the various options on the left (both the check boxes and the titles themselves) to play around with text effects:

Text Effects Tutorial

Step 4

Once you’re happy, just hit OK to transform your text! Here are some effects as examples:

Text Effects Tutorial

Step 5

Combining different options also works really well to get a more varied look:

Text Effects Tutorial

Step 6

Back in the Layer Palette (Step 2), choose Warp Text from the initial list. You can then choose from a variety of options to angle your text:

Text Effects Tutorial

Step 7

Combine with other effects to end up with your finished text. My example below uses Wave, Drop Shadow, Inner glow, Gradient overlay, Satin and Stroke:

Text Effects Tutorial