What is the ‘archived content’ section?

Blossom.nu has a lot of legacy content from older sites I made when I was a teenager. A lot of that content is years old, and is either not as relevant today, or more suited to children and teenagers. Basically, it doesn’t really fit in that well with the rest of the site. This archived content section is where all those pages go so that they can still be enjoyed by visitors.

Why don’t you just delete the pages or move them to a different domain?

They get a lot of traffic and they’re part of my site history. People still enjoy them and use them, even if they aren’t my personal first choice for content. It’s easier to keep them here where people know to look for them than create a completely new website for them.

On to the content…

Free resources

Quotes for kids and teens to share on social networking websites and use in their own graphics.

Quick quizzes on a range of different topics.

Dollmakers (open in a new window)
Another activity for a younger audience. Simply drag and drop elements to create your own cartoon dolls and scenes.

Blinkie Maker (opens in a new window)
Create your own buttons and blinkies – also known as blinkys – by placing different icons, letters and other elements together.

Paint Shop Pro Tutorials
Over sixty tutorials for creating images, working with text, developing designs and using tools in Paint Shop Pro.

Animation Shop Tutorials
Short, easy to follow tutorials for creating your own animations.