If you don’t have Paint Shop Pro, or you can’t be bothered making squares, here’s an easier way to make a blinkie.

Step 1

First of all, go to my Blinkie Maker and drag the blocks you want to use together. Then press the ‘Print Screen’ button on your keyboard (next to F12); it will look as if nothing’s happened, but basically it just copies the whole screen. Then open up Animation Shop, right click and paste.

Step 2

Click Crop and cut out your blinkie as close to the edge as you can. You might need to go to Zoom > Zoom in by 5 for a better view. Here’s mine:

Jasc Animation Shop Easy Blinkies Tutorial

Step 3

As you can see it looks ugly with a white background, so make it transparent.

Step 4

Click Arrow and then your image so a red and blue border appears, then go to Edit > Duplicate Selected, and do this for as many times as you have letters. If you end up with extra frames, right click each extra frame and ‘Delete’.

Step 5

Then go back to the first frame, and flood fill (Flood Fill) the first letter a different colour (e.g. white). Go to the second frame, and flood fill the second letter. Go through all your frames like that till you’ve coloured 1 letter in every frame. It should look like this:

Jasc Animation Shop Easy Blinkies Tutorial

Step 6

Go to File > Save and save your blinkie, then upload to your web site. Here’s my finished result:

Jasc Animation Shop Easy Blinkies Tutorial