Step 1

Open up Paint Shop Pro and go to File > New. Make sure you choose an image with a white background (not transparent) and make it about 150 x 150 pixels.

Step 2

Go to Effects > Texture Effects > Tiles. Change your settings to match mine and then press ‘Ok’:

Jasc Animation Shop Blinkies Tutorial

Step 3

Click ‘View’ and then ‘Zoom in by 5’, so you can see what you’re doing. Choose a small pixel font like ‘Redensek’ or ‘Silkscreen’. I’m using ‘Handy00’.

Step 4

Click Text, and then click your image and type the first letter of your word (mine’s ‘J’), then press ‘Ok’. Then repeat that for the second letter (mine’s ‘e’) and so on until you’ve completed your word.

Step 5

Make sure your letter is as close to the centre of the box as possible or it looks kinda strange. So for example, if I was making ‘Jenni’ (yours will look a bit different if you’re still zoomed in):

Jasc Animation Shop Blinkies Tutorial

Step 6

Use Crop to draw around your blinkie, but so the black outline is still showing. Then at the top of your screen click Image > Crop to Selection. You should have something that looks like this:

Jasc Animation Shop Blinkies Tutorial

Step 7

Copy and paste your image into Animation Shop. There are different ways of making them blink, but for now I’ll show you a basic one. Click View > Zoom in by 5.

Step 8

Use Flood Fill to colour your blinkie. Only fill the white parts of each square. You can use different colours if you want. It should look like this:

Jasc Animation Shop Blinkies Tutorial

Step 9

Now see all the grey lines around the edge of your blinkie? Select black from the colour palette menu on the right of Ani Shop, and Flood Fill them all in black.

Step 10

Go to Edit > Duplicate Selected. Then repeat this for how many letters you have (roughly). I would use 5. Don’t worry if you have loads more frames than you want; just right click them one by one (make sure you click Arrow first) and delete them.

Step 11

Choose a colour to change the letter of your blinkie. On the first frame, Flood Fill your first letter with the new colour you just picked (mine would be ‘J’). On the second frame, flood fill the second letter. Carry on with this until you’ve done all your letters. Your animation should hopefully look something like this:

Jasc Animation Shop Blinkies Tutorial

Step 12

Preview your animation to check you did everything right. If you did, save it (go to File > Save)! If not, try and figure where you went wrong and have another go. Keep practising and soon you’ll be able to do it much faster. This is what your finished blinkie should look like:

Jasc Animation Shop Blinkies Tutorial