Great for backgrounds, this linestretch effect is much easier to achieve in Animation Shop than Paint Shop Pro.

Step 1

Open up the image you want to stretch in Animation Shop.

Step 2

Make a new image with an opaque background the same wdith as your other image, but much bigger. For example, my original image is 282 x 212 (pixels), but I’m making my white one 282 x 450 pixels. Copy your original image and paste (into selected frame) on your white background. Paste it at the top like mine:

Jasc Animation Shop Linestretch Tutorial

Step 3

Go to Effects > Insert Image Effect, and where it says ‘Effect’ select ‘Stream’. Click Ok.

Step 4

Go through your new frames and click the one that has the best lines. Copy and paste ‘as new animation’, then go to File > Save and save your image. If it’s a photo like mine, you might want to save it in Paint Shop Pro as a .jpg or .png rather than a .gif. Here’s my finished result:

Jasc Animation Shop Linestretch Tutorial