Using just the pencil and line tools in Animation Shop, you can make your own link buttons for your site. This simple link button tutorial also uses the floodfill bucket and text for a nice finish.

Step 1

Open up a new image which measures 88 x 31 pixels.

Step 2

Click the Line, and make sure the Line Type is ‘Normal’, the ‘Width’ is 1, and that the Antialias box is unchecked.

Step 3

Choose the colour black on your colour palette, and draw around the edges of your button.

Jasc Animation Shop Link Buttons Tutorial

Step 4

As you can see, mine looks quite boring so I’m just going to make the lines more interesting. This requires quite a bit of patience; if you go wrong, just go to Edit > Undo, and try again. It also helps if you zoom in. Just basically draw any pattern you want, be creative!

Jasc Animation Shop Link Buttons Tutorial

Step 5

Next flood fill it a nice colour with Flood Fill, add your site name using Text, and make all the excess bits transparent using my transparent .gifs tutorial.

Step 6

Save it and you’re done! Here’s mine:

Jasc Animation Shop Link Buttons Tutorial