This tutorial will help you add borders of any size to your image. Adding borders in Paint Shop Pro is a quick and easy process.

Step 1

Open up the image you want to add a border to in PSP. It doesn’t matter what size, but you should be aware that this tutorial will increase your picture slightly in size, so for example if it’s a 88 x 31 button and you’re adding a border width of 1, make it 86 x 29 so it will be the right size once you’ve finished.

Step 2

On the colour palette to the right of your screen, select a colour in the second box of the ‘Styles’. I recommend black, but I guess you can pick out the main colour from your image (in my case, pink) and use that instead if you want.

Paint Shop Pro Adding Borders Tutorial

Step 3

Go to Image > Add Borders (at the top of the screen), and click ‘Ok’ if you need to. Then you should see a little box titled ‘Add Borders’ come up. Make sure ‘Symmetric’ is selected, and then choose your border size. I would say just use 1 for smaller images, and don’t go past about 2 or 3. Then click ‘Ok’.

Paint Shop Pro Adding Borders Tutorial

Step 4

If you like, copy your finished image and paste, choose a different colour other than black, and repeat step 3. Do this as many times as you want with different colours to make your image stand out even more!

Paint Shop Pro Adding Borders Tutorial