Paint Shop Pro 7 Basic Tools Guide

If you’ve just started with Paint Shop Pro, don’t worry if you don’t get the hang of it straight away. In the mean time, here’s a quick guide to what each of the tools in the left hand menu can be used for. Hover over each icon to see the name of the tool.

Arrow The most basic tool, use this to move images around the screen, or to find co-ordinates of a certain place on your image. Has plenty of uses.

Zoom Zoom in or out on your image using this tool. Useful if you want to see a certain part closer up or look at the image in full.

Deformation Use this to angle text, or anything pasted as a ‘vector’ on top of your image e.g. as used on my Tape tutorial.

Crop A tool you will probably use a lot, this will allow you to cut down (or ‘crop’) your image to make it smaller.

Mover Position layers on your image using this tool.

Selection Use this to select certain parts of your image, usually to add different effects or colours.

Freehand Make different types of selections using this tool.

Magic Wand Use this to make selections and re-colour your image.

Dropper This is useful for finding out what colours are in your image, so you can get the same colour for other images or text.

Paint Brush One of the most popular tools, you can download many more in all different designs or use the standard shapes to give your layout a professional look.

Clone Brush Make copying easier using the Clone Brush.

Colour Replacer Exchange a colour in your image for another using this tool.

Retouch Soften your image or make it more transparent using the hand or ‘Retouch’ tool.

Scratch Remover Improve the quality of your photos with this.

Eraser If you make a mistake, don’t worry. Just rub it out. Is also useful for creating transparency, softening images etc.

Picture Tube Quite similar to the Paint Brush tool in that you use preset images, but these are generally 3D and are more versatile.

Airbrush Occasionally used, this will help to create nice painted effects or soften photos.

Flood Fill Colours large areas quickly. Can also be used with one of the tools used to select parts an image for more control.

Text A vital tool, with this you can add text to your image. Simple enough.

Draw Draw lines with this tool. If you’re more adventurous, you could also draw entire images from scratch.

Preset Shapes Useful for drawing frames on your layout. Some of them are outline-images similar to brushes.