Step 1

Collect images you want to use for your blend. I usually get 5 or 6 together and then search for more when I need them. It’s really important that the images are roughly the same size when you first start as the background needs to blend well. If they aren’t the same size, resize them or pick different images.

Step 2

Go to ‘File > ‘New’, and create a new image. The height needs to be the same height or bigger than your photos. The width needs to allow for all your photos, but remember there is no set limit, and some parts of images will be overlapping so it doesn’t have to be huge.

Step 3

Select the pic you want in your background, and paste it onto your new, blank image as a ‘New Layer’. The pic you choose should preferably be a close up of a person’s face. It doesn’t matter where you put it on your image.

Step 4

Once you’ve positioned it using Mover, choose your next image and place so it slightly overlaps. Here’s mine:

Blending Paint Shop Pro Tutorial

Step 5

Go to ‘Layers’ > ‘Mask Layer’ > ‘New From Image’, and press ‘Ok’.

Step 6

Now click the eraser tool, and change your settings so they are similar to mine (you might need to use a bigger brush size however):

Blending Paint Shop Pro Tutorial

Step 7

Carefully erase the straight edges of the top image, and play around making the image underneath more visible. Make sure there are no obvious horizontal/vertical lines left across your image. Zoom in on your image or change the size/opacity of the eraser if you need to. This is what mine looks like:

Blending Paint Shop Pro Tutorial

Step 8

Now paste another image onto of the two blended ones you have, but position so that it takes up more of the white space you have left. Repeat step 5 and then step 7.

Step 9

Continue doing this until you’ve filled all the available space and the blend looks exactly how you want it. Once you’ve finished, copy your finished image and paste it as a new image, then save. A .jpg or .png would probably look best. Here’s mine:

Blending Paint Shop Pro Tutorial