Step 1

Create a new image in PSP, and make a simple pattern or whatever for your brush. It doesn’t really matter what colour(s) you use because it’s going to end up grey (black/white) anyway.

Step 2

Click Selection and drag across your image (make sure Feather is set to 0 on your Tool Options box).

Paint Shop Pro Making Brushes Tutorial

Step 3

Click Paint Brush, and go to your Tool Options box (right-click Paint Brush if it’s not already up). Find the custom brushes and select yours.

Paint Shop Pro Making Brushes Tutorial

Step 4

Now click ‘Create’, and be careful not to select any of the brushes you want to keep whilst you do this or you’ll delete them.

Step 5

Now find your brush and use it on an image! If you want to delete your brushes, click ‘Delete’ (under ‘Create’).