Ok, so maybe you want CSS which co-ordinates with your layout image, or maybe you’ve spotted the exact colour you want to use on your own site, but don’t know what the hex code is. This quick tutorial will help you colour match.

Step 1

Open up PSP and either open up or paste the image you want to get the colour code of. If it’s a background, scrollbar or similar, press the ‘Print Screen’ key on your keyboard then right click and paste into PSP.

Step 2

Click Dropper and then click the colour on the original image that you want to find the hex code of.

Colour Matching Paint Shop Pro Tutorial

Step 3

If you look in the colour palette on the right hand side of your screen, you’ll see that the colour has appeared in the foreground box, so click in the centre and copy the hex code (see the diagram below):

Colour Matching Paint Shop Pro Tutorial

Step 4

Now you can use the colour for whatever you like!

Step 5

Matching when colourising is slightly different; instead of copying the hex code, copy the ‘Hue’ and ‘Saturation’ numbers down, then go to ‘Colours’ > ‘Colourise’, and type them in.