This tutorial adds quite extreme effects to your images; which means that they’re great for ‘Guess the Animal’ or ‘Guess the Celebrity’ contests. Alternatively, you can use this tutorial to blur faces and create abstract photos.

For this tutorial, I recommend you use a celebrity/animal photo, they usually work the best. A good tip is to make sure that if you use a celeb, it’s someone everyone knows, and is popular all over the world. If your image is big (more than 400×400), crop it. No one wants to spend ages waiting for a contest picture to load.

Step 1

Paste/open your image in PSP. I’m using one of Jennifer Aniston:

Contest Images Paint Shop Pro Tutorial

Step 2

Click ‘Effects’, and look through the ‘3D Effects’, ‘Artistic Effects’ etc. and choose one for your image. I think that some of the best ones to use are Coloured Edges, Chrome, Pixelate and Fur, but mess around with them, even using combinations of them to suit your photo. Don’t make your effect too easy or too hard to guess.

Step 3

If you find your effect is too strong, then press ‘Ctrl’ and hold while you press ‘C’ (copy), ‘Ctrl’ and ‘Z’ in the same way (undo) and ‘Ctrl’ and ‘L’ (paste as new layer). Then go to Layers > Properties and change the ‘Opacity’. Save your image. Two examples for you:

Contest Images Paint Shop Pro TutorialContest Images Paint Shop Pro Tutorial