This simple Paint Shop Pro tutorial will show you how to create attractive grids on your images.

Step 1

Open up Paint Shop Pro, and the image you want to work with.

Paint Shop Pro Grids Tutorial

Step 2

Go to Effects > Texture Effects > Tiles.

Step 3

A menu will come up. Match your settings to mine:

Paint Shop Pro Grids Tutorial

Step 5

Using your keyboard, press the ‘Ctrl’ key and hold it down until after you press the ‘C’ key once. Let go. Then press ‘Ctrl’, hold and then ‘Z’ in the same way. Now press ‘Ctrl’ and hold, then press ‘L’. This will paste the squares on top of your original image in a layer.

Step 6

Go to Layers > Properties, and it change the Opacity to about 10%. Press ‘Ok’ and save.

Paint Shop Pro Grids Tutorial