Ever wanted to colour part of an image instead of the whole thing? This tutorial shows you how to selectively colourise (or ‘colorise’) your image.

Step 1

Open up the image you want to use. It’s easier if it’s something/one with clearly defined lines, e.g. a face.

Step 2

Click Freehand, and if you don’t have the ‘Tool Options’ box up, right click the icon and select ‘Tool Options’. Then make sure the ‘Feather’ is on ‘0’.

Step 3

Draw around a part you want to colourise, then right click inside the image. The bit you drew around should now be selected.

Selective Colourising Paint Shop Pro Tutorial

Step 4

Go to ‘Colours’ > ‘Colourise’, and when you’ve happy with the colour press ‘Ok’. Press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘D’ to deselect, then save! My colours aren’t that realistic, you might want to use this tutorial to make brown eyes blue or something!

Selective Colourising Paint Shop Pro Tutorial