Step 1

Create a new image with a white background in PSP.

Step 2

Click Freehand, and then if your ‘Tool Options’ box isn’t up, right click Freehand and select ‘Tool Options’.

Step 3

On your ‘Tool Options’ box, make sure your ‘Selection Type’ is ‘Point to Point’ and your ‘Feather’ is ‘0’. Check the ‘Antialias’ box.

Step 4

Draw some spikes on your image; take your time doing this and don’t worry if you can’t get it exactly how you want it first time. Once you’ve made spikes like mine, right click anywhere on your image and it will become selected like this:

Paint Shop Pro Spikes Tutorial

Step 5

Click Flood Fill, and fill in your spike with any colour, gradient or pattern that you like.

Step 6

Then press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘C’, then ‘Ctrl’ and ‘L’ to paste your image as a new layer.

Step 7

Go to ‘Layers’ > ‘Properties’ and change the ‘Opacity’ to about 40 and click ‘Ok’.

Step 8

Click Mover, and move your spikes until you like the arrangement. Repeat steps 6 onwards as much as you want Then press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘D’ to deselct, and save! Here’s mine:

Paint Shop Pro Spikes Tutorial