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Some thoughts on Manchester


In recent years I’ve been to several cities that have had terrorist attacks and are common terrorist targets. Ankara. Paris. London.

We’ve seen hundreds of armed police and military personnel running through the streets in Kiev. We’ve seen controlled explosions in Paris. We’ve been to countries that are in full blown active war in their own homeland.

I have never been afraid to walk those streets.

But Manchester is different.

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9 things to do when you don’t feel like blogging

9 things to do when you don't feel like blogging

It’s been a while since I blogged. Life has been pretty shitty, for reasons I’m not going into just yet. What I will say is that one bad thing never happens on its own. There are at least three bad things that happen to me at any one time, and they are always massive life changing things, not like accidentally leaving the freezer door open.1

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  1. Which I also did recently. But I digress.

Making mini goals

Making mini goals

I’ve been quieter on social media and this blog over the past few days because I’ve been reflecting. I’m in the middle of writing some really big posts (on totally different topics: visiting Chernobyl, living with depression, and some WordPress advice). My brain has flooded itself with a lot of ideas for projects. I’m overwhelmed by Facebook yet again (see What I learned from quitting Facebook & A quick tip to make social media more productive) because I’m in too many groups. I’m also going through a weird depressive phase. And I have a lot of little horrible tasks hanging over me, like going to the dentist and sorting out messed up student loan repayments.

Generally, I feel really overwhelmed on a daily basis. Simplicity helps, but it’s not really that practical for the day-to-day. I’m feeling restless, but at the same time I’m not progressing with anything significant. So instead I’m trying to look at the longer-term fun things – the slightly bigger picture goals.

Here are my mini goals, and some ideas for setting your own.

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