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New to and want to get a better taste of what this blog is like? Take a quick tour with some of my favourite and most popular blog posts. The ‘Best Of’ series is arranged in chronological order and covers everything from controversial topics to that time I went to the Arctic Circle.


120+ of the best free stock photo resources for bloggers

120+ of the best free stock photo resources for bloggers

Anyone else remember the days when it was really hard to find free stock photos on the web? The search engines were full of expensive professional stock websites pretending to offer free images (they never actually did, but you didn’t find that out until after signing up). And there were rarely any good photos for bloggers either – definitely no flatlays or desks with flowers.

Happily, all that’s changed now. There are so many great free stock image resources, and more are popping up all the time. In fact, this post started out as “50 free stock photo resources for bloggers”. Then it became 100. Then 125+. You’ll never run out of images again.

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Chasing Magic

When I turned 29, I decided I really wanted to turn thirty on a beautiful island with white beaches and palm trees. I spent ages researching islands in the Maldives. I bought endless pairs of flip flops. I changed my mind about snorkelling a million times.

So it was only natural that we ended up going to a completely different kind of island.1

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  1. Joe’s dad was really ill, and we didn’t want to be away as long or fly as far as originally planned.

How risky is it to work for a startup?

Recent years have shown us that no company is recession-proof…not even the biggest or most established ones. In 2015 I was headhunted from my job at a large group of hosting companies to do marketing for an API startup. A few months ago I was headhunted from that to do marketing for another (web hosting) startup. Between these jobs and having interviews with other startups in the past, they’re normal to me so I’m still surprised that people tend to view them as risky.

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