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My five worst blogging habits

For someone who’s been blogging for fifteen years (wait, what?!), I’m rubbish at the whole “actually blogging regularly, for real” thing. I started off this year really well, and as usual, life snowballed. Since bad blogging habits have been on my mind a lot lately, I thought maybe getting them down in words would help me improve. So, it’s confession time!

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7 ways to beat winter blogging blues

Feeling unmotivated? You’re not alone. The post-Christmas, pre-New Year period is one of the times of year I enjoy the least, and I’m definitely not motivated to work on my blog without a bit of extra help. Here are seven things I’ve done to get some inspiration and beat the winter blogging blues.

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Making spring blogging goals (+ revisiting winter’s)

Happy March! It’s the first day of meteorological spring today, which means it’s a great time to set some new goals

While I like to have monthly goals as well, setting seasonal goals means my blogging fits in better with my life and there’s less pressure to complete tasks in a short space of time. Super achievable goals? Sign me up.
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Blogging for therapy

Lately I’ve being coming across a lot of ‘why I blog’ posts. A lot of bloggers cited their love of writing, freedom of expression, creating a diary for their future self, remembering important things, and even money as reasons for blogging, but I think for most people it goes a lot deeper than that, subconsciously or not.

Even the most seemingly emotionless blogger is using the form for organising their thoughts and turning things that have made them feel strongly (good or bad) about something into a format that allows them to think things through, and this is true whatever you blog about – how tos, tutorials, fashion, food, technology, your life.

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