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Attending a hackathon as a non-coder

Last year I went to my first ever hackathon, Hack24.

Now let’s be honest here. I’m not a coder by any stretch of the imagination.

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A quick trick to make your social media addiction more productive

A long time ago I quit Facebook and learned a few things.

Guess what?

Quitting didn’t actually last that long. I still take breaks from Facebook now and again, but I realised that I do prefer to live with it, for my sins.

A quick trick to make your social media more productive

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How risky is it to work for a startup?

Recent years have shown us that no company is recession-proof…not even the biggest or most established ones. In 2015 I was headhunted from my job at a large group of hosting companies to do marketing for an API startup. A few months ago I was headhunted from that to do marketing for another (web hosting) startup. Between these jobs and having interviews with other startups in the past, they’re normal to me so I’m still surprised that people tend to view them as risky.

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Summer of the ‘mon

If you wake up early and head out into your local neighbourhood, you’ll notice something a bit different.

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