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Links, lately

Links, Lately

My blog posts have always generally reflected what’s going on in my life in one way or another. Sometimes it’s a business focus, sometimes personal, sometimes a combination of the two.

Lately my blog posts have been sporadic at best, and that’s because I’m spending 90% of my waking time obsessed with something I can’t talk about yet (yes, annoying vagueblogging – but you will find out when I’m ready. Promise).

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How to improve your WordPress blog’s bounce rate

Reduce your bounce rate

It’s not just you.

Blogs typically have a really high bounce rate. Most visitors will click a link from search engines or social media, read the post it takes them to, and then disappear off. When I was looking at my bounce rate recently, I noticed that some days it was as high as 90% (what?!).

Here are some things I did that really helped to bring that number down…and keep it down.

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