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5 quick tips for smarter Twitter hashtags

5 quick tips for better Twitter hashtags

I’ve been a professional social media executive (aka ‘Twitter girl’) since 2010 in one form or another. Twitter hashtags are one of my pet peeves, because while some individuals and companies nail them every time (yup, I’m jealous), some just don’t understand them.

Which is fine.

If you don’t use them.

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How to instantly stop spam comments on Instagram

How to stop spam on Instagram

There are so many things I love about Instagram – its simplicity, its branding, and its ease of use. But there’s one thing that I really hate about it, and that’s the spam. Fake bot accounts, automated commenting and liking, and being tagged in spam sales posts is endlessly irritating. The more popular the hashtags you use, the more likely you are to attract spambots.

Thankfully, there’s an easy way to stop spam comments appearing on your photos without having to make your account private. Surprisingly few people know about it, so it’s time to spread the word.

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How to re-share old content effectively using WordPress

How to autoshare old content with WordPress

Time and again I see people doing the same things when automatically sharing their old content: automatically sharing everything, sharing posts in the same way they did the first time, sharing posts in the same places. It’s really easy to be more selective and change your approach slightly so that you get more interest in your automatic re-sharing with very little extra effort. Here’s how.

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