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Blog posts about my life, habits, experiments, cats, friends, events, emotions, and general day-to-day things all fall into this category. If you’re looking for the more personal side of my blog, this is it!

Dispelling “office job” myths

Dispelling office job myths

I grab a can of diet coke out of the fridge and take my shoes off before sitting down at my computer cross-legged with a hot water bottle on my knee. I’m wearing jeans and a hoodie. The Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack is playing on Spotify. On my desk, Lego and a small toy dog. I open up Facebook to write a new post, then pick up my phone to Instagram a photo I took yesterday.

You might assume I’m at home, but it’s just a normal day in the office.

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Diary Peek: January 2017

December is normally the busiest time of year for me and January the slowest. The end of the year is normally packed with parties, birthdays and general festivities, but this year everything was a bit more low-key due to the week that lasted a lifetime.

On the plus side, I was even more eager for a fresh start and a brand new year. And happily, we’ve already done a heck of a lot. Here’s a peek inside my diary for the month.

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