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Life catchup: Valentine’s Day & the rest of the week

At the end of last year we went to Norway (Chasing Magic), then last month we went to Amsterdam (photos). Next month we’re off to Paris, so it’s safe to say that all those things, combined with Joe’s tax bill, means we’re pretty short of money at the moment.

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Diary Peek: January 2017

December is normally the busiest time of year for me and January the slowest. The end of the year is normally packed with parties, birthdays and general festivities, but this year everything was a bit more low-key due to the week that lasted a lifetime.

On the plus side, I was even more eager for a fresh start and a brand new year. And happily, we’ve already done a heck of a lot. Here’s a peek inside my diary for the month.

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My five worst blogging habits

For someone who’s been blogging for fifteen years (wait, what?!), I’m rubbish at the whole “actually blogging regularly, for real” thing. I started off this year really well, and as usual, life snowballed. Since bad blogging habits have been on my mind a lot lately, I thought maybe getting them down in words would help me improve. So, it’s confession time!

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17 ways to invest in yourself this year

After the mess that was last year, I’m looking at ways to make this year just as good (if not better) than 2015, which was my favourite year ever. I’m planning to concentrate on learning new things, tying up old loose ends, and building on what I have.

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