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Blog posts about my life, habits, experiments, cats, friends, events, emotions, and general day-to-day things all fall into this category. If you’re looking for the more personal side of my blog, this is it!

A few other things

Life updates

You’d think that sitting at home or at the office all day working with just a few people around would mean that my life was pretty quiet, right?

Ha. Hahahaha.

Here are some other things that have happened in the past few weeks:

1. Joe finally won his legal battle.

He did some dev work for a national company in their own offices and they refused to pay him on the basis that they ‘didn’t end up using the work’. Yeah no. We don’t take that crap from wannabe entrepreneurs anymore, let alone corporations making millions. After an unnecessary amount of going back and forth and filing documents, they eventually paid up in an out of court settlement. We didn’t do it for the money, we did it for all the freelancers and contractors out there who’ve been stiffed for no good goddamn reason, and I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

2. Sin got an abscess on his head.

He’s prone to them, but any lump is always terrifying. He had it removed by the vet, was kept in the house for a few days against his will, and is now fully recovered.

3. I witnessed criminals fleeing a crime scene.

I was walking back from the pub, alone, when I saw some guys running down the street. I was instantly suspicious, and it turned out that I witnessed them running away from their victim – a guy they’d just stabbed – and ended up filing a police report. In a world full of Trumps and terrorists, it’s a reminder to live your life regardless, because anything can happen at any time, wherever you are.

4. We went to the beach.

Three days after the stabbing incident, we went down to Sussex to visit Joe’s family and go to his brother’s surprise birthday party. It was a brief trip because we had to get back for Sin/work, but it was good to see everyone again.

5. We did an app-based murder mystery.

Last weekend Hannah came to stay and we got the gang together to hunt down clues and speak to ‘witnesses’ across the city in an app-based game called CluedUpp. They hold events across the UK fairly regularly and we didn’t win any prizes, but we had a lot of fun and managed to get both weapon and murderer right first time, so maybe it’s time for a career change Too soon?!

That time I started a company

Back again

Towards the beginning of the year, I had an epiphany. A load of things just fell into place inside my head, and I put all the pieces together and realised I could start a business doing what I loved, how I wanted to do it, provide some much-needed honesty in one of the world’s most dishonest industries, help people, and make a living doing it.

I finally had the last and most important piece of the puzzle clear in my mind – a series of strategies to market it successfully in a way that didn’t require tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds.

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Dear Future Jenni

By the time you’re reading this, you’ll be Present Jenni rather than Future Jenni (freaky).

I’m Past Jenni. I wrote this blog entry on 8th July 2012 and scheduled it to be posted in five years’ time, a realllly long time ago for you, but today for me.

In the world at the moment:

The iPad 3 has recently been released, retina MacBook Pros have become available and Facebook is the world’s biggest website. Apps for phones are cool. We’re on the Samsung Galaxy S III (and by ‘we’ I mean ‘the rest of the world’ – you’re still on the original Samsung Galaxy because you spent all your money on a laptop and a Nikon D3100).

It’s about to be the London 2012 Olympics, which at the moment you can’t talk about because even breathing in the direction of London is considered a trademark infringement right now. I’m not sick of them yet but I bet I soon will be. Euro 2012 has just finished and Spain has won in a very spectacular way, which is good because…

…the economy sucks. Badly. There are rumours that it will be shit for at least another five years in your time, so if that’s true then I feel bad for you. Also, just so you know, I haven’t really saved any money because I’ve bought domain names instead. Hope that’s cool and you aren’t cursing me too much.

Facebook is the most popular site on the web, and Google and Twitter aren’t too far behind. Pinterest is still invite-only, but it’s going to be huge. I’d probably have bought shares if I’d had any money worth mentioning (refer back to domain names point above).

I’m kind of hoping you’re rich. But more than that I’m hoping you’re successful and happy. And if you’re not, you CAN be and you WILL be, so you’d better not give up or I’m getting a time machine and kicking your ass.

Job-wise, I, Past Jenni, work in SEO and social media. Not sure if those things still exist. I bet they will though, and I bet you’re still heavily involved with them. I’ll bet there will be a new, cool website that everyone will be obsessed with. I hope you’re an early adopter. I’m kind of obsessed with photography right now, and I’ve just bought a macro lens. Are you still interested in photography?

Site-wise, had a red city layout that looks kind of like this:

Remember? That’s the layout I, Past Jenni, currently have up. I’m kind of happy with right now but it needs a lot more fresh content. I hope you’re on top of that and you have lots of visitors rather than tumbleweed blowing through.

You’re with Joe, and you love him to bits because he puts up with all your crap. I hope he’s still around for you.

Future-Jenni-now-present-Jenni, tell me about yourself. What have you done in the past five years? Where have you travelled to? Where are you living? Is there anyone no longer with us who you miss? Is there anyone new in your life I should know about? Remember everything you planned to do career-wise? How’s that panning out?

I’ve got my fingers crossed that everything is good with you because 2012 has been a tough a year so far for me.


Past Jenni (2012 edition)

PS In case you forgot, you thought it might be a good idea to do this again for another five years in the future.

PPS Totally called Groupon’s crash.