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Dispelling “office job” myths

Dispelling office job myths

I grab a can of diet coke out of the fridge and take my shoes off before sitting down at my computer cross-legged with a hot water bottle on my knee. I’m wearing jeans and a hoodie. The Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack is playing on Spotify. On my desk, Lego and a small toy dog. I open up Facebook to write a new post, then pick up my phone to Instagram a photo I took yesterday.

You might assume I’m at home, but it’s just a normal day in the office.

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An introvert’s guide to surviving Christmas

For the average person, the biggest problem at Christmas is eating too much or getting a present you don’t like. When you’re an introvert though – especially an introvert that no one thinks of as an introvert – Christmas is full of its own unique challenges. Here are my tips on surviving Christmas as an introvert.

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