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Getting on with people you don’t agree with

Anyone who’s ever met me knows that I love a good debate argument, so at first glance this post may seem more than a little ironic.

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17 ways to invest in yourself this year

After the mess that was last year, I’m looking at ways to make this year just as good (if not better) than 2015, which was my favourite year ever. I’m planning to concentrate on learning new things, tying up old loose ends, and building on what I have.

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An introvert’s guide to surviving Christmas

For the average person, the biggest problem at Christmas is eating too much or getting a present you don’t like. When you’re an introvert though – especially an introvert that no one thinks of as an introvert – Christmas is full of its own unique challenges. Here are my tips on surviving Christmas as an introvert.

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Sketching out your evenings

Now I get up super early for work, I’m rethinking my evening schedule (my previous morning and evening routines are here).

At the moment, I’m just sticking to a rough evening routine based on days of the week. While my old routine was good for changing habits (i.e. not sitting in front of the TV all night), I needed something that was a bit more specific but still flexible.

Enter routine #2.

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