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That Time

Interesting stand-alone anecdotes, tales and snippets from all parts of my life. Expect disaster, honesty, but above all a good story.

That time I started a company

Back again

Towards the beginning of the year, I had an epiphany. A load of things just fell into place inside my head, and I put all the pieces together and realised I could start a business doing what I loved, how I wanted to do it, provide some much-needed honesty in one of the world’s most dishonest industries, help people, and make a living doing it.

I finally had the last and most important piece of the puzzle clear in my mind – a series of strategies to market it successfully in a way that didn’t require tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds.

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That time I got LASEK laser eye surgery

This time two weeks ago I was in the scary laser room having laser eye surgery at Ultralase. I still have mixed feelings about it, but I think it’s time I blogged to describe it and hopefully help anyone who’s considering having it done. Please note that I had the LASEK form of surgery which is a lot more painful and has a longer recovery time than LASIK (this is because of the shape of my corneas).

It’s behind a cut and not for the easily freaked out…

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